Haave is a product label founded by designers Lotty Lindeman and Wouter Scheublin in 2017.


We are located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


The design studio and Haave label are closely connected and run by Lotty and Wouter themselves.

The name Haave is derived from the old Dutch word "have" which is pronounced as haave. It can be translated as "what one has" or "someones belongings".

The products are utilitarian objects like furniture, lighting and basic toys, but display a richness in well balanced material combinations, color use, proportion and detail.

For the production we work with local partners and production from our own workshop in Eindhoven.

If you're interested in the design studio behind Haave, visit the Scheublin & Lindeman website .


Halvemaanstraat 26

5651 BP Eindhoven

The Netherlands

Lotty Lindeman

+31 6 26942614


Wouter Scheublin

+31 6 45098416